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I’m a web developer with 2 year experience.

Tag: Front End, UI/UX, JavaScript.

I make simple, responsive, consistent UI

I’m experienced with



During middle school, I delved into WordPress deployment and customization to build commercial website.
I used black hat SEO to push the content up in the Google Search (Yeah, the book I learned it from was really sketchy)


While I don’t do any professional web dev during the time, I never really got away from web development somehow. There is always requirement for web admin in school and It keeps me up to date the trend of teh web development


After months of self learning JS and PHP, I decided to take a Fullstack JS Bootcamp from Flavio Copes to fill my knowledge gap regarding the current software development landscape.


Just before I finished my Bootcamp, I got an offer to work at a Wisata App, a hotel booking startup


AI are coming, tech mass layoff happened and I lost my job. But hey, at least I’m free to learn more things now. Currently I’m taking Erik Kennedy’s LearnUI Course.

Personal Project

Firdle, arabic word guessing game

Coming Soon

I'm open for hire

Contact me at ivan.zulfikar [at] gmail.com